Audience Measurement Method

  • In order to determine the realistic viewership number of any specific TV channel or a set of channels; a model is developed that would check channel’s performance and evaluate its potential audience based on certain pre-defined parameters.
  • The Audience Measurement Model works on a matrix points. The ranking and allocation of points is done based various factors which come under channel “Genre” and “Attributes”.

    Note, it’s not based on a linear data, but a combination of various factors and statistical data arranged in tabular format.

Audience Investigations

What is the total audience? This would be a total audience base by country/region or on ethnic basis i.e. South Asian.

  • Who is consuming what media based on demography?
  • What is a country wise media consumption by an individual per day?
  • What is pattern of media consumption in a day. Example: morning time, matinee time, prime time etc.
  • What is media consumption pattern during a year?

Model Progression

Data Formation

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