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Our promise for research bases on this phrase – “At times, doing media planning or advising any media options; the question arises on how to back the suggestions with some audience numbers?”

Our audience measurement model is build based on the fundamentals that are used by any other media researches. The model works and compiles results with the help of various factors and media research. The socioeconomical statistical research data is the key in our model along with the periodical media research data and partly market perception.

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AEMM - Process Flow

Step 1

Assigning Weights & Criteria Factors

Step 2

Channel Investigation

Step 3

Audience Investigation

Step 4

Campaign Inputs

Step 5


Step 6

Post Evaluation

Benefits of Audience Evaluation & Measurement Model

Ascertain potential audience/market

Pre & post campaign evaluation

Work on a Universal model for All EXPAT Markets

Justify costs to management

Find and select the best channels based on their distribution strengths and reach for advertising

Effective media buying and allocation of advertising budget

Determine the acquisition cost effective per individual

Rational between channels advertising rates with their audience base

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