Assigning Weights

  • Channel Genre
  • Distribution Numbers (Cable + IPTV)
  • Language (Mainstream, Regional)
  • Content (Flagship, Fresh, Classical, Repeats)
  • Content Type
  • Creating Channel Pool for each market

Channel Investigation

  • Channel penetration and distribution number
  • Channel’s ranking in the respective genre
  • Channel popularity both in local market and back home.
  • Content (fresh vs. repeat)
  • Content mix
  • Seasonal and events base content
  • Channel language
  • Gender Split

Audience Investigation

  • Demographic break-up
  • Age group segmentation
  • Gender split
  • TV viewership habits for each market
  • Seasonality impact
  • Monthly impact
  • Prime Vs Non-Prime
  • Current viewer preferences

Campaign Inputs & Evaluation

  • Campaign Dates
  • Campaign Duration
  • Spot Duration
  • Frequency / Day
  • Prime Vs Non-Prime Split


  • Determine potential audience/market.
  • Find and establish best channel mix
  • Effective media buying and allocation of advertising budget.
  • Value additions
  • Rational between channels advertising rates with their audience base.
  • Determine the acquisition cost effectiveness per individual.

Post Evaluation

  • Campaign reach numbers with channel break-up.
  • Determine effective media buying, target Vs actual.
  • Determine the acquisition cost effectiveness per individual

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