• What is an audience?

    • An individual or group of people consuming any media.
    • Example: Television viewers, radio listers, internet surfers and newspaper/magazine readers.
  • Challenges of Media Planning

    • Expensive media research data / service
    • How to advice the right media (TV)
    • Insufficient information / data
    • Inconsistent information / data
    • Integrating results across various channels
    • Budget restrictions (high expectations Vs low spending)
    • Inaccuracy in effectiveness (measuring effectiveness and optimization)
    • Time pressures

Set Your Goals High, and Don't Stop Till You Get There

Be better than nothing. Our premise for research bases on this phrase. At times, doing media planning or advising any media options; the question arises on how to back the suggestions with some audience numbers?

This audience measurement model is build based on the fundamentals that are used by any other media research companies. This model works and compiles results with the help of various factors and media research. The socioeconomical statistical research data is the key in our model along with the periodical media research data and partly market perception.

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